2023 May-June
„Crashtest 12 – Resonance“, group exhibtion in Jilska Gallery Prag, curated by Karolina Fifernova, Sofya Komarova and Milan Pech

2023 May
Illumintating the Beauty of Science, online group exhibtion, Suboart Magazine

2023 April – October
Junge Kunst in Oberschwaben, Group show, Neues Schloss Kisslegg

2022 October
BASE – Double solo exhibition from Lea Hoffbauer and Noemi Durighello in Hole of Fame Dresden, curated by Anna v. Bülow

2020 July
„KONTEXTUR“ – Double solo exhibtion with paintings and graphics from Lea Hoffbauer and Zarah Steuer at HfBK Dresden

2020 January – September
Groupexhibition „Roadshow“ in cooperation with the LaSuv Dresden

2019 January
Groupexhibition „mi.amo präsentiert: Sweet Spot Gallery“, Hole of Fame Dresden

2018 July – August
Groupexhibition „ABGEFAHREN“, Verkehrsmuseum Dresden