„With my paintings I collect and examine the recurring patterns, color combinations and basic structures in nature and organisms, searching for the connecting points of different phenomena.
My painting technique is built on the interaction between oil and water-based media.
A combination of uncontrollable chemical reactions and thoughtful decisions during the painting process creates organic compositions, layers and forms.
Motivated by a deep interest for biology and the latest scientific discoveries regarding life and its evolution, I gather my inspiration with the help of microscopy or scientific publications.“

Primordial Soup (Ursuppe 3), 250x110cm, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023

"Ursuppe", Oil and chalk ground on canvas, 100x100cm, 2022

"Primordial soup (Ursuppe 2)", Oil, ink and chalkground on canvas, 180x130cm, 2022
"Collision/Kollision", Oil and chalkground on canvas, 90x70cm, 2022

"Bones", Ink, Oil and chalk ground on canvas, 110x85cm, 2023
"Mitosis", Oil and chalkground on canvas, 75x65cm, 2023